Pocket Tributes

A beautiful pet memorial pocket token or a dog paw print keychain is the perfect daily reminder of the love you hold in your heart for the memory of your pet. These small, specially crafted tokens are easy to carry and small enough for pocket or purse. When you reach into your pocket or use your keys on a regular basis, you can experience pleasant reminders of your special pet memories. Keep your token close-by, whether that’s on your keychain, in your pocket, or in an easy-to-spot place like your desk or nightstand. Keep that memory of your pet within easy reach, with heart-felt sentiments like “Always in my heart” and “In loving memory.” Take your time looking through the options here to find the right choice for your pet.

In search of the right memorial to honor your special friend? Shop our pet remembrance tributes made of 100% lead-free pewter. Small enough for purse, pocket, or wallet. These tokens are a convenient way to honor your pet’s memory and keep it with you as you move through your busy life. Let their memorial token bring you peace and fond memories of the pet that spent so many years as your constant companion. Be sure to visit the other categories of our website for other memorial products for your home and garden, or for gifts for others. Do you have a special photo of your pet that means a lot to you? A picture frame pet memorial is the perfect way to honor your pet. If you have brought home your pet’s ashes, be sure to explore our pet urn plaques.